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Stocks to Watch 4 Investing and Day Trading July 31- Aug 4th 2017

Happy Sunday
We have a lot of economic data and another slew of earnings that could impact the markets this week. We saw a hint of weakness at the end of last week> lets see it we get any follow through.
If the weakness persists there could be some trading opportunities with TVIX UVXY LABD & TZA so keep an eye on them. I have two stocks that didn't make it into the video this week that I meant to put in there. One is $XXII which popped off good news on Friday. Full disclosure I day traded it on Friday an kept a lotto position for int next week. It could set up for a red to green or follow through trade opp. Very short term swing or day trade opp. the other is a long term hold prospect $OII just reported earnings it pays a dividend and is in an industry that has been beaten up but they are also in a sector that has been on fire and one of my favorite long term macro plays Robotics. Take a look at the chart could be the beginning of a long term trend reversal they just put a new CEO in place. Pro members I will be putting a trade plan out for $OII this week.

Enjoy the video and the rest of your weekend. Be safe and have fun.
Here is this weeks list of stocks in the video.

Stocks to watch 4 Day trading and Investing July 31-Aug 4th 2017 from Alpha Wolf Trading on Vimeo.

Best of Success always.