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Victory Clean Energy has a plan and the partners to make Hydrogen a viable fuel for trucking $VYEY

In this interview, I speak with Chris Headrick, Founder and Chairman of Victory Clean Energy Inc. $VYEY We discuss the path to making Hydrogen a real and viable energy choice for the trucking industry without the need to rely on subsidies to have sustainability as a profitable company regardless of subsidies, Victory Clean Energy can provide Tue Green Hydrogen, at a fraction of the prices you typically see for Hydrogen. Over a 16-year span, Chris has learned a lot and developed some amazing partnerships that would be hard to duplicate. This puts Victory in a very comfortable position as a low-cost producer. This doesn't mean that Victory will have thin margins. On the contrary, Victory should be very profitable. That is what makes this story worth having on your radar. Listen to the first interview with Victory and decide if you should have Victory Clean Energy on your radar.