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April 22nd-26th 2019 Market overview and a few stocks to watch

Happy Sunday and for those that observe Happy Easter or Happy Passover
It is going to be a very busy week for earnings next week as we have some of the biggest companies reporting from a wide range of industries. (Aerospace defense, Tech, Social Media, Fintech, Big oil , airlines, consumer staples, Industrial, Telecom Etc..) Technically there are some concerns for me about where the indexes may be headed short term.

The scorching hot area recently has been in IPO's like JMIA TIGR TW with the latest being ZM and PINS. IPO's are so hot that a penny stock with the symbol ZOOM went from a dollar to 6 dollars last week in what is most likely a case of mistaken identity. This weeks busy calendar should take the focus off of the IPO space as earnings and guidance take center stage. Watch this weeks video to see what is on my radar and why.

Last weeks Pro member stocks to watch and their performance for the week

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This weeks Video

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Economic Calendar

Highly anticipated earnings for next week

Source Earnings Whispers .com