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AWT Exclusive Follow-up CEO Desmond Wheatley, Beam Global Inc Stock Symbol BEEM

In this Alpha Wolf Trading interview, I speak with CEO Desmond Wheatley of Beam Global Inc. Stock Symbol BEEM. Desmond shares the amazing transformation Beam Global is experiencing and the robust pipeline that lies ahead for the company. After reporting what I would consider one of the best earnings calls, I have ever heard in my 30-plus years as an investor. Desmond explains why the trajectory of orders is only just beginning and why he believes that the future is bright for Beam Global.

Desmond talks about the corporate culture at Beam Global and how his team has made all the difference because they are the ones that executed and put the company in the position that it is in today.

Desmond talks about the AllCell acquisition he did and why it was strategically essential to alleviate his concerns about getting batteries for his product. Desmond talks about supply chain issues and the potential for international expansion. Desmond shares the benefits of being a GSA Federally approved product and how state municipalities can take advantage of the GSA Federal approval to order the EV ARC. Desmond and I discuss why I believe Beam Global's EV ARC is a homeland security play. You can feel the passion and intensity that Desmond has for Beam Global and the products they make. Desmond and I talk about the cap structure of the company and the discipline he has used to ensure that he hasn't put the company in harm's way. We talk about the current manufacturing capacity and what could be next to expand that capacity as needed. Desmond and I also discuss the state of the industry and where he believes. It is going in the future.

At the beginning of our interview, Desmond says to me . " I have two sons, and I tell them if you want to tell a good story, you have to believe in it!" There is no doubt that Desmond believes in the Beam Global Inc story and the thrilling part about the story is it has just begun.
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