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AWT Exclusive President-Director, Brian Ostroff of Arianne Phosphate Inc Stock Symbol DRRSF

In this Alpha Wolf Trading interview, I speak with Brian Ostroff, President-Director of Arianne Phosphate Inc stock symbol DRRSF.
Brian and I discuss his background and how he became involved with Arianne Phosphate Inc. Brian explains the phosphate markets' cycles in the agriculture industry. However, the demand for phosphate has continued to climb as the world population continues to increase. Processes are long in the agriculture industry. The last downturn lasted roughly seven years; At the same time, many operations shut down in the space. Arianne Phosphate continued moving forward by becoming a shovel-ready phosphate property with very high purity. A third party has independently confirmed the purity level of the phosphate, enabling Arianne to sell their phosphate for use in the production of Lithium phosphate batteries. The phosphate batteries' advantages are a lower thermal reaction which significantly reduces the risk of catching fire from thermal runaway.
According to various sources, Lithium Phosphate batteries weigh less, require zero maintenance, have better charge and discharge characteristics, and are environmentally friendly. A lithium-phosphate battery's cycle life is up to five times the cycle life of some lithium-ion batteries. They often reach up to 5000 cycles without any significant drop in performance; battery packs can also run down to 100% DOD (depth of discharge) without any damage or drop in performance. They are also ideal for duration and energy storage.
Brian talks about the fact that the base of operations is also environmentally advantageous because of its proximity to a hydroelectric damn. DRRSF is in an envious position of having a permitted project that has a highly pure phosphate product. There are some significant financing needs to get the operation built. Brian talks about the capital needs and their current burn. The average mining project in the U.S. takes 17 years to get up and running because of the environmental studies, permits, zoning and securing financing. Arianne is light years ahead of other operations, and as the benefits of Lithium Phosphate become more evident. As we continue moving toward an all-electric vehicle future, the more valuable the Arianne asset becomes and the longer we wait to secure western-friendly production of the raw materials needed to execute our all-electric future effectively. The more challenging it will become, and the time to make it a reality will be significantly longer than in the often referred to year 2035!

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