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AWT Follow up Interview Founder Jeff Thraman, Auudia Inc Stock Symbol AUUD

In this Alpha Wolf Trading interview, I speak with Founder Jeff Thramann Auudia Inc stock symbol AUUD. Jeff explains the metrics that Auudia has been able to compile since the launch of their flagship product, fAIdr, which gives consumers 100 percent control over AM FM radio. Auudia has modernized the 800-pound gorilla in the audio space, which is still free AM FM radio by a wide margin. Jeff and I talk about the strategy that Auudia has for their Faidr App, an artificial intelligence app that continues to get smarter and enables the team at Auudia to tweak and enhance the Faidr product with improvements that elevate the customer experience. Jeff talks about the new features Auudia has layered into the Faidr app, like "Discovr, where local unsigned Artists Gain Exposure and Get Paid by Having Their Music Played to Radio Listeners.faidr Is the Only Streaming App Supporting Creators and Offering Commercial-Free Am/Fm Radio."
Jeff and I talked about the non-dilutive financing they just completed. The plan is moving forward and how they intend to execute it—Jeff shares how his team plans to lower subscriber acquisition costs and continue adding exclusive content.

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