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Jan 22 -25th 2019 Market overview and stocks to watch for the week

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Here is this weeks pro member sector and index overview with stocks to watch. The equity markets have had a nice bounce but how sustainable is it and what is the potential upside in relation to the potential downside? Simply put, we have had a big move in short period of time from extremely oversold conditions and now we have conditions where we are overbought and fear has transitioned from fear of loss to fear of missing out. As earnings season kicks into full throttle it will likely be more company specific as we move forward. There were a lot of stocks that deserved to be sold off to reflect the true value of the struggling companies behind the symbol. Not all of them deserve to bounce back and some probably need to go even lower. There is still plenty for investors to be concerned about for the overall markets but just as there are stocks that deserve to go lower there are also stocks that didn't deserve to be taken out to the woodshed in the recent carnage and are probably undervalued. Earnings season and forward guidance will help weed out the winners from the losers and the best opportunities moving forward.

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Last weeks Pro member stocks to watch and their performance for the week.

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