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Nov 30th 2018 Free Friday Pre market Prep

Good morning
We are closing out another month as November comes to an end. The G20 meeting is likely going to take center stage with focus on the developments between the US and China on trade. President Trump and President Xi are scheduled to have dinner with their respective trade staff on Saturday night. This could wind up being a binary event for the markets with big ramifications if something positive does not occur during their meeting. I would think that many investors will remain on the sidelines or in defensive positions heading into the weekend. If you are going to be involved make sure you are comfortable with the size of your exposure.
Oil could also be impacted this weekend after a very bearish month for the black bubbly. There is chatter that Saudi Arabia and Russia could be looking to have a side meeting at the G20 as well and that the two oil producing behemoths could agree on production cuts ahead of an OPEC non-OPEC meeting which is scheduled for December 6th -7th.
The global economy is showing signs of slowing with German retail sales lower for the fourth month in a row, while China manufacturing fell to 50, indicating no growth.

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Sierra Oncology Reports Preclinical Efficacy For Immunotherapy Combo With SRA737 Could get a 2 test and roll potential day trade opp 1.50 could act as support area for a bounce >slight gap in premarket early stage biotech will likely need to raise cash need volume to consider a trade

$LFVN nice looking daily Could get a 14 test and roll potential red to green play 12.50-13 could be entry area potential swing play or day trade if there is sufficient volume

$BDSI nice looking daily has been on my radar for quite awhile and has held up well in this market sitting on the 50 day 3-3.20 range could be a swing entry if that area holds as support Could also be a day trade on trend line break with volume

$LTHM recent IPO flirting with all time highs has already had a nice move may need some time to consolidate seems to be trading in a channel between 16 and 19

$INOD Broke out over 1.50 not seeing any significant news could just be a low float play only 24 million shares in the float a pull to 1.50 could be a bounce area

$ATEN nice looking daily reports they may be exploring strategic alternatives looking for some volume on potential break out over 6.50

$IPI close to potential swing entry as close to 3 as possible insider buying in this area

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