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Amazing Week that did not end until last night at around 1 AM in Beverly Hills

Hello to all of my AWT members I can not even comprehend what transpired last week. As I compile all of the mind-blowing events and try to wrap my head around it all, I am dumbfounded. There are no words that can accurately explain the transformation occurring for AWT, and I can assure you that this will benefit all AWT pro members in the future.

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AWT Exclusive $BEEM Desmond Wheatley, CEO, BEAM GLOBAL Inc.

Beam Global $BEEM is a company that manufactures its innovative solutions in sunny San Deigo. It is at the heart of the movement to become energy independent and a 100% renewable energy future. $BEEM provides a unique set of solutions with viable, more efficient charging infrastructure solutions than most in the space. Ease of deployment, no permit requirements, proven innovative go-to-market strategy, and several new product offerings in the pipeline, in my view, make this a very compelling investment opportunity at the current price levels.

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Pro member State of the markets May 2nd -5th 2022

Friday was a big down day for the indexes, and I hope the downward pressure continues on Monday and through all of next week. I know it probably makes you cringe when you read that,

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AWT Exclusive $SCND Scientific Industries Helena Santos CEO John Moore Chairman

What makes $SCND so compelling for me is the history of not one but two of its divisions and the future that lies ahead for them and the recent acquisitions that the company has achieved. The other powerful motive that stands out for me is the "Dynamic Duo" of CEO Helena Santos and Chairman John Moore. These two incredible people compliment each other with their own particular skill sets. One division has been around since the mid-1800. Another for over 70 years, and their

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AWT Exclusive $OPSSF CEO Louis Laflamme, Opsens Inc.

$OPSSF Opsens, the company, and the stock had been bucking the overall small-cap sector until the last quarter when there were some Covid-related issues. In my view, that represents an opportunity. Louis Laflamme, CEO of Opsens, has put together an excellent team, concurrently executing the company's vision. Earlier this week, Opsens received excellent news further bolstering that long-term vision. [OPSENS ANNOUNCES HEALTH CANADA APPROVAL FOR ITS

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