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Dec 3rd -7th 2018 Sector and Index weekly overview

Good morning The G20 summit if over and it appears as though disaster has been averted...for now. Statements made from the White House have indicated that tariffs will not be raised for 90 days as China and US work to come to some sort of agreement on trade. The market will likely respond favorably ...

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Nov 30th 2018 Free Friday Pre market Prep

Good morning We are closing out another month as November comes to an end. The G20 meeting is likely going to take center stage with focus on the developments between the US and China on trade. President Trump and President Xi are scheduled to have dinner with their respective trade staff on Saturday night. This could wind up being a binary ..

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Nov 29th 2018 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning We had a very nice bounce yesterday after a more measured and dovish Powell gave his speech which the market interpreted as a bullish sign. Whether that continues through the end of the week and the close of November is yet to be determined. We have another barrage..

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Nov 27th 2018 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning We have a lot of economic data to absorb today along with a speech from the Fed Chair Powell. The Fed will likely be the focus along with the GDP number. Trade and China will continue to be a hot topic as we will likely see more rhetoric from

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Nov 27 2018 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning Markets had a nice little snap back bounce yesterday but the follow through was difficult to come by. Throw in some comments from resident Trump about tariff increases on China products and AAPL Iphones and the market is set to open lower. I am fairly certain we all knew..

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