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AWT Pro Member State of the markets weekly video

I know that things are rough right now. I wish I could say that things are going to get better soon but unfortunately I don't think they will. I am still waiting for capitulation and I thing we will get that over the next couple of months. I think things will get worse before they get better. All I can say is this too shall pass. Things will get better, I can not tell you exactly when. I have been through multiple bear markets and it is always painful but I have learned over 30 years that this is when you utilize your time to find the opportunities of tomorrow. When we get that turn in the markets and begin a new cycle of momentum to the upside. I don't spend my time fretting about my portfolio being down. I make sure the stocks I have still present

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AWT Exclusive $SKYX Chairman & Founder Rani Kohen SQL Technologies Inc.

SQL Technologies is a company that will revolutionize at least one industry. Take that for what it is worth because my opinion and five dollars will get you a decent cup of coffee. Imagine creating a product that solves multiple safety concerns and cuts the installation time by a minimum of thirty percent. That is what the Chairman, Founder, and Inventor, Rani Kohen of SQL Technologies, has accomplished. Even more impressive is that it is only scratching the surface of this product's benefits. When I say that, I believe that this company, innovation, and the team that Rani has

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AWT Exclusive $KULR CEO Michael Mo KULR Technology Group

KULR has a product that will benefit from an industry that will continue expanding rapidly over the next few years. Thermal runaway is the technical term for the battery fires caused by batteries. You have all seen the videos of batteries catching fire in cell phones, laptops, hoverboards, scooters, or electric vehicles. There is a genuine safety concern when transporting and charging battery systems for these items. As the charging systems try to push more energy into the cells of the batteries at a faster rate, more heat is created, which increases the likelihood of a possible "Thermal Runaway."

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AWT Exclusive $LPTH CEO Sam Rubin Lightpath Technologies Inc

I have been involved in $LPTH stock for more than 5 years. The size of my position has varied over those years, and I have played to support and resistance several times. Around two years ago, the company hired a new CEO, Sam Rubin. Sam joined Lightpath right as Covid hit the U.S. and, after getting settled in, discovered that the China division of LightPath had been embezzling MILLIONS of dollars from the company almost since its day of inception. Not exactly the ideal situation to take on as CEO of the first publicly-traded company to run. Sam made the tough

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AWT Exclusive $GNUS President of Kartoon Network, Kidaverse, Jon Ollwerther Genius Brands International Public Reveal

Genius Brands International has been on a multi-year mission to provide quality children's entertainment with the intent to "provide content with a purpose!" I have owned the $GNUS stock and followed the story for over five years. It has not been a smooth ride. However, I have watched what started as this tiny company with big ambitious goals of becoming a premier children's content provider in the face of what many would think were impossible odds and hurdles to overcome. At times I questioned whether or not

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