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Aug 12th-16th 2019 Stock market overview and stocks to watch for trading and investing

Happy Sunday It was a wild week last week and we could see more of the same this week. We have a ton of economic data to digest and some big names reporting earnings this week that could impact several sectors. This is still a time to be cautious and ..

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August 5th-9th 2019 Stock market overview and stocks to watch for trading and investing

Happy Sunday Earnings season rolls with a lot of smaller companies reporting but there are still some big boys on deck. Earnings have been coming in better than anticipated and guidance has been relatively positive as well but we have a Fed that seems to be somewhat confused on what they should be doing and Trump rattling the saber on China trade adding a 10 percent tariff on 300 billion additional products starting Sept 1, geopolitical concerns (North Korea and Iran) and our own domestic violence events (Dayton and El Paso god bless everyone affected by those terrible events) that could derail..

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July 29th August 2 2019 Stock market overview with stocks to watch for trading and investing

Happy Sunday The stock market has a very big week ahead with economic data, the reboot of China trade talks, a Fed decision on a potential rate cut, and another week of highly anticipated earnings releases. It should be an interesting week as things unfold. Watch my video and get my take on the overall markets, the hot sectors to watch and the list of stocks on my radar for potential trading and investing opportunities in the week ahead. It is your last chance to join Alpha Wolf Trading before the price goes back to $299. I am giving..

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July 22nd -26th Stock market overview and stocks to watch

Happy Sunday It is all about earnings as we have a huge week of big names from multiple industries reporting. In this weeks video I am sharing my full list of stocks to watch including the Pro member list. See which stocks are on my radar to help you prepare for the trading and investing week ahead

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July 15- 19th Market overviews and earnings stocks to watch

Happy Sunday As the markets flirt with all time highs after a dovish Jerome Powell last week we are kicking off with another earnings season in the week ahead. We have had some big companies BASF and Fastental already reporting warnings of significant misses. After the dovish Fed speak the markets lifted and it was a broad array of stocks that moved markets higher. With earnings season..

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