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Nov 8th 2018 Pro pre market prep

Good morning Impressive bounce in the markets after the results of the midterms. Today's focus will be on the Fed and its view on the economy. A rate hike is not expected today but it is the tone of the Fed and what is said today that could impact equities. The cannabis space was on fire

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Nov 7th 2018 Pro pre market prep

Good morning Welcome to Washington gridlock... The markets seem pleased with the election results and a split of the house and senate between the two parties which indicates nothing will get done for the next two years

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Nov 6th 2018 Pro Pre market prep

Good morning It is election day and it could be another fairly choppy day for equities until we get the final results tomorrow. I only have a few stocks on my radar this morning

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Nov 5th - 9th 2018 Stocks to watch for trading and investing

Happy Sunday I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. It was nice to see an oversold bounce last week but we are not out of the woods yet. There is a lot of technical damage out there and as we have seen recently, volatility can pick up in the blink of an eye and fear can take hold sending equities into a tailspin. It will likely be a very interesting week...

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Nov 2 2018 Free Friday Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning Even with a disappointing guide from AAPL equity futures are up slightly in premarket. As of now, the bounce we have seen this week after the horrendous October appears it may have some sustainability. The positive tweet from...

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