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April 29th-3rd 2019 Market overviews and some earnings stocks to watch

Happy Sunday Earnings season continues this week with more big names reporting and we have the Fed announcement followed by a meeting that could move markets. There are some signs for caution as there continue..

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April 22nd-26th 2019 Market overview and a few stocks to watch

Happy Sunday and for those that observe Happy Easter or Happy Passover It is going to be a very busy week for earnings next week as we have some of the biggest companies reporting from a wide range of industries. (Aerospace defense, Tech, Social Media, Fintech, Big oil , airlines, consumer staples, Industrial, Telecom Etc..) Technically there are some concerns for me about where the indexes..

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April 15th -19th 2019 Weekly overview and a few stocks to watch

Happy Sunday Earnings season kicks off once again and this could be a defining moment for the markets as many of the talking heads on wall street are calling for an earnings recession. If that turns out to be true we could see a substantial pullback in equities as we have some overbought conditions in nearly every sector of the markets. However, if the earnings and guidance come in better than expected the markets could rip to knew highs. If the ladder..

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April 8th -13th 2019 Market overview with a few stocks to watch

Happy Sunday Technically the markets continue to impress as we are approaching potential new all time highs. It seems like most people (including myself) were anticipating some sort of pull back after the huge bounce we had. That has kept a lot of people on the sidelines and under invested. This could lead to money

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April 1st - 5th 2019 Weekly overview and Earnings stocks on the radar

Happy Sunday Markets and sectors continue to consolidate in choppy action. The action was fairly impressive for the bulls considering how the markets had closed on the previous Friday. Brexit, and a China trade deal are events that are lingering around and could move markets if there is some significant news. Economic data like retail sales, ISM manufacturing and non..

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