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March 4th -8th 2019 Market overview and earnings on my radar

Happy Sunday Markets remain in consolidation mode after a huge run that has both sides (bulls and bears) trying to determine which direction we are heading. Can we muster enough momentum to take out all time highs? Are there any potential catalysts to make that happen as we wind down earnings season? Could we go ..

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Feb 25th - March 1st 2019 Stock Market overview

Good morning We have a big week ahead for economic data and a potential path to trade resolution with China. It could be a wild week for equities in what has been a tough market for both bulls and bears. Many have been waiting for a pull back (myself included) so the bulls have been under invested and the bears have been..

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Feb 11-15th 2019 Market overview and stocks to watch for the week

Happy Sunday We have some critical deadlines ahead that could lead to another government shutdown, there are China trade talks ahead of the March 1st deadline and a barrage of earnings and economic data to digest this week. We saw some signs of weakness last week with European concerns weighing on the markets and as we face all these deadlines...

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Feb 8th 2019 Pro pre market Prep

Good morning equities stalled yesterday with many indexes and sectors flirting with their 200 day moving averages. We may consolidate in this area before getting a clear sign of which direction the markets head next but I am in the camp that there is more risk of heading south and a potential retest of the recent lows. A negative tone on the progress

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Feb 6th 2019 Pro Pre market prep

Good morning The State of the union had a positive tone last night without any big surprises. Sectors that could be impacted on the negative side are the Pharma and biotech space with the talk

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