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Reliq Health Technologies update $RQHTF

As you all know, I started a position in Reliq at the beginning of March at @.69 cents. I plan to add to that position, and I am bothered that I did not have a limit set @ .50 cents. In the investment plan I sent out to the members, I identified .50 cents as a potential support level, which I felt would be the ideal price point for adding and continuing to build my position. The stock recently pulled to .50 cents, but by the end of that trading day, it was back up over .60 cents, currently priced at .67 cents. I should have had my limit buy GTC, but with everything going on and my trying to get caught up after my battle with Covid, my intent fell through the cracks. Regardless, after having an opportunity to speak with CEO Dr. Lisa Crossley this week to

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AWT Update with $DUOT CEO Chuck Ferry, Duos Technology Inc

Dous Technologies uses AI to provide a much-needed service to multiple industries with their cutting-edge technology. They are gaining traction in the rail industry, but the opportunities are massive for entry into other sectors that would benefit from visual inspections. CEO Chuck Ferry and his team have executed through a pandemic and historical supply chain issues. Duos has adjusted to

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AWT Pro member State of the markets 04/04-04/08 2022

Several sectors pulling back at resistance areas after the big bounce. I think there is still a lot of headline risk out there and should be cautious on position sizing for any long considerations.

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AWT Pro Member Exclusive #30 $VLTTF CEO Glen Lynch, Volatus Aerospace Corp. Reveal April 5th, 2022

Volatus Aerospace is another drone company that came together after the CEO Glen Lynch. Who is a certified, licensed pilot in both Canada and the U.S. Glenn has a 40-year career in the aviation industry under his belt. Glenn and his partner took a hard look at the drone industry. They identified fragmentation and, at the same time, recognized the growing use cases and opportunities that are evolving as the technology continues to get more innovative, the optical components

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