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Nov 15th 2018 Pro Pre market prep

Good morning Equities have struggled and appear as though they could be heading for a potential retest of the recent October lows. Two things that could continue to drive market sentiment are the Fed which spoke last night and suggested the markets will have to get used ...

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Nov 14th Pro pre market Prep

Good morning Global growth is slowing and that is weighing heavy on equities. Germany and Japan reported weaker than anticipated economic data along with China as trade war concerns continue put pressure on equities and the global economy. Oil is down 12 straight days in a row and could be looking at a relief rally bounce in the near future. The Fed chair Powell will be speaking at an event late this afternoon and will be watched closely for..

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Nov 13th 2018 Pro Pre market prep

Good morning After a 600 point drop in the dow yesterday markets are bouncing slightly this morning. As I said in this weekends video there are many sectors and indexes that remain in the guilty till proven innocent category. It is still a time to tread carefully and be cautious which means adjusting your trade size and as always >being disciplined with your entries and with your stops.

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Nov 12th -16th 2018 What to watch for in the markets

Good morning Happy Sunday I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Even though Friday ended the week on a sour note for equities the indexes were still up slightly for the week. There are still a lot of sectors that are in the guilty till proven innocent category since they are still making lower highs and I am concerned they may either retest their recent lows or.....

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Nov 9th 2018 Pro pre market prep

Good morning The Fed announcement has come and gone without a lot of reaction from the equity markets. However, it appears as though the Fed plans to continue with its steady increase in rate hikes which could weigh on markets in the future. Many sectors and indexes remain in the guilty till proven innocent camp until we get some better looking technicals. Be careful in the cannabis..

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