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July 15- 19th Market overviews and earnings stocks to watch

Happy Sunday As the markets flirt with all time highs after a dovish Jerome Powell last week we are kicking off with another earnings season in the week ahead. We have had some big companies BASF and Fastental already reporting warnings of significant misses. After the dovish Fed speak the markets lifted and it was a broad array of stocks that moved markets higher. With earnings season..

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July 8th -12th 2019 Stock market overview with stocks to watch

Happy Sunday We have a lite week for earnings and economic data but we do have a couple potential catalysts ahead with a big restructuring announcement from $DB that will likely impact financial stocks as well as...

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July 1st -5th 2019 Stock market overview and stocks to watch

Happy Sunday everyone We are all friends again .... its a kumbaya moment between Unites States, China and North Korea. The markets are likely going to react positively which means we could be looking at a gap up day on Monday which are actually my least favorite days to trade. We also have a holiday week ahead and we are lite on earnings but still have some economic data that could impact markets. There could be some nice action throughout the week for the bulls.

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Stock market sector overview and stocks to watch for trading and Investing

Happy Sunday The Fed did not disappoint last week and the markets seemed to like what he had to say sending the SPY to new all time highs. This week there will be a lot of focus on China and the G20 summit. There will also be a lot of economic data out to absorb as well as any new developments with the Iran situation that may occur. Last week I was concerned that if the the fed did not deliver the market may see some weakness. Technically we are

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June 17th -21st 2019 Stock market overview and stocks to watch

Happy Sunday To all you great hard working fathers out there >>Happy Fathers day. The stock market has a big week ahead with the Fed announcement and we could be set up for a disappointing result if the Fed doesn't appear as dovish as the street has anticipated. If you are a day trader technically there are signs that we could see a near term pullback after the recent rally and there may be some short biased ..

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