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March 25th - 30th 2019 Weekly overview and earnings stocks on my radar

Happy Sunday What will drive the markets next week? The inverted yield curve, the Mueller report, The Apple event, China trade deal rumors? Nobody knows which one will impact the markets or which direction they will go with 100 percent certainty. All we can do is watch the price action and ...

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March 18-22nd 2019 AWT Market overview and Stocks to watch

Good morning We have been in consolidation mode through earnings season and there are a couple of sectors that have my attention for next week. We have a few names reporting earnings next week that could help markets decide which direction the next substantial move will be. Watch this weeks video and see what sectors and stocks I will be watching closely.

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March 11-15th 2019 Weekly overview with Pro member stocks to watch

Good morning and happy Sunday The stock market took a pause last week and now we are approaching some potential key levels of support in many indexes and sectors. The caution flag was raised last week and remains out for the week ahead. There is a lot of talk about a China trade deal being already baked in to the markets and that even if we get a deal it is a sell the news event. I am not convinced that is how we ..

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March 4th -8th 2019 Market overview and earnings on my radar

Happy Sunday Markets remain in consolidation mode after a huge run that has both sides (bulls and bears) trying to determine which direction we are heading. Can we muster enough momentum to take out all time highs? Are there any potential catalysts to make that happen as we wind down earnings season? Could we go ..

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Feb 25th - March 1st 2019 Stock Market overview

Good morning We have a big week ahead for economic data and a potential path to trade resolution with China. It could be a wild week for equities in what has been a tough market for both bulls and bears. Many have been waiting for a pull back (myself included) so the bulls have been under invested and the bears have been..

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