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Jan 22 -25th 2019 Market overview and stocks to watch for the week

Good morning Here is this weeks pro member sector and index overview with stocks to watch. The equity markets have had a nice bounce but how sustainable is it and what is the potential upside in relation to the potential downside? Simply put, we have had a big move in short period of time from extremely oversold conditions and now we have conditions..

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Jan 18th 2019 Free Friday Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning Rumors of lifting tariffs on China gave the markets a late day boost and the timing couldn't have been better as the S&P was testing the 50 day moving average. I have suggested that it is still a time to be cautious as we were consolidating in areas of potential resistance for several sectors..

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Jan 17th 2019 Pro Pre market prep

Good morning NFLX reports after the close today and could have an impact on equities as we close out the week heading into a holiday weekend. Equities in many sectors are consolidating at potential resistance areas and the price action is pretty choppy with the exception of some low float

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Jan 16th 2019 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning The government is still closed with no signs of anything getting resolved soon. Regardless the markets are holding up fairly well at this area of potential resistance. An extended government shutdown period, Brexit, China and signs of slowing global growth are threats that are very real and could eventually drag the market back down. The focus right now

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Jan 15th 2018 Pro Pre market Prep

ood morning Equities were higher this morning until JPM earnings hit. Equities stalled a bit yesterday and we are in an area where a lot of people believe this level will act as significant resistance and may lead to retest of the recent lows in December. It would make sense for that to be the case and it clearly looks like it could happen

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