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Jan 7th -11th 2019 sector and index weekly overview

Good morning I hope you are having a great weekend. What a crazy ride last week after the disappointing guide from APPL which hit the markets hard on slowing earnings and trade war concerns. Then on Friday we had a surprise from the Fed chair with a much more accommodative tone in a presentation with former Fed Chairs Yellen and Bernanke. While that was nice to see...

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Jan 4th 2019 Free Friday Pre market Prep

Good morning After yesterdays drop in the markets off of AAPL's disappointing guidance equities are gapping off of an update and China US trade talks and hope that we are getting closer to agreeing to a trade deal. There is still a long way to go and these negotiations could take months if not years before ..

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Jan 3rd 2018 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning All it takes is one rotten Apple to ruin the whole bunch of stocks. After another impressive turnaround day in equities the markets were taken by surprise with a significant cut in rev and earnings expectations that sent futures into a tail spin. The culprit appears to be China who is experiencing their own economic

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January 2 2018 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning and Happy New Year Welcome to 2019 I wish you all a very prosperous, happy and healthy new year ahead. Santa Clause has left the building and the rally has appeared to go with him as we are looking at a gap down in equities off of some weak economic data out of China. With the

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Dec 31 2018-Jan 4th 2019 Market overview and stocks to watch for trading and investing

Good morning Santa Clause showed up late this year as we have a nice three day rally heading into the end of the year. The action on Thursday and Friday were more important to me than the big 1000 point record setting day on Wed. We saw the markets sell off and turn around ...

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