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Feb 4th -8th 2019 Sector and index overview with Pro member Stocks to watch

Good morning Earnings and the fed provided some nice action for the bulls and there are still plenty of earnings ahead as we have another week of big names reporting. I missed the action last week as I had a friend that needed my help but that project is coming to an end and I will be back to normal on Tuesday. I decided to give

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Jan 28th -Feb 1st 2019 Stock index and sector overview for the upcoming week

Good morning This week could be the tipping point for the markets as we have some big names reporting earnings. Technically there are many sectors that have great looking setups but make no mistake in recognizing that there is a lot of work to be

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Jan 25th 2019 Pro Pre market prep Free Friday

Good morning Equities have been in consolidation mode for several sectors and indexes this week. We are not seeing a lot of range as earnings season continues to roll on. Next week should be more eventful in terms of big names reporting. One sector that appears to be attempting to break out of a range

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Jan 24th 2019 Pro Pre market prep

Good morning Unfortunately I have a batch of personal stuff going on that I need to take care of over the next week or so. I will open up the live chat for anyone that wants to be in it but I will be out after 9 am my time. I am sorry about the inconvenience folks. Things will hopefully be back to normal in the latter part of next week. We had another batch of earnings from UTX , TXN, and PG that seem to be giving the markets a lift. The government shutdown continues to linger on as the senate is scheduled to vote on two

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Jan 23rd 2019 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning Equities took a pause yesterday and this morning we are gapping slightly off of positive earnings from IBM. Oil and gold are both up slightly in premarket. Keep an eye on ..

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