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Jan 14th -18th 2018 Stock market sector and index overview for the week ahead

Good morning We had a nice week for the bulls as we continued to climb to potential price and moving average resistance overhead for several indexes and sectors. This is perfectly aligned with the start of earnings season which is likely going to help determine if we will be moving higher or potentially testing new lows. The government shutdown is now officially the longest in history and it does not appear ..

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Jan 11th 2018 Free Friday Pre market Prep

Good morning It has been a good week for the bulls and we are approaching areas of potential price resistance in several indexes and sectors. Retail is under pressure after disappointing earnings from Macy's. Earnings season will kick off next week and that is what will likely guide the markets...

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Jan 10th 2018 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning Equities are lower in premarket as they approach potential resistance levels from concerns over a slowing China and the government shutdown that seems to be at an impasse. After being up 4 days in a row

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Jan 9th 2018 Pro Premarket Prep

Good morning Equities are looking like they could have a 4th day in a row of upward momentum. While I have doubts that we will have a V shaped move back to all time highs but we have to acknowledge that anything is possible. Remember that markets have a tendency

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Jan 8th 2018 Pro pr market Prep

Good morning It is all quiet on the trade front but that could change in the next day or two. Even though talks are going on between China and the US there have not been any news leaks from either side on how those talks..

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